Самолёт Ил-14 "Советский Союз" находится под угрозой. Прочитать подробнее и помочь - по ссылке http://vulkan-avia.livejournal.com/64841.html
Ил-14 "Советский Союз" - аэродром Горелово, Ленобласть

We are a group of aviation enthusiasts that are trying to save a part of aviation history of our country. We are engaged in restoration to flying condition of one IL-14T. It has been left over on a currently abandoned airfield in Moscow (Tushino) and stood there for some 20 years. In December 2010 it was bought by Andrey and his friend Vladimir. Repair works started during 2011 New Year holidays. And we've already made some progress with optimistic expectations to make it flyable in two years. You can follow the restoration progress on the owner's LJ. It's all in Russian but the photos speak for themselves. You can see even more photos on http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/vulkan-avia/. And a recent addition is a webcam where you can see the progress online! If you are interested in helping us - spread the words about our project. And if you happen to be in Moscow don't hesitate to contact us and pay us a visit!

iИл-14 "Пингвин" - аэродром Ступино Ил-14 "Голубая мечта" - аэродром Тушино

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